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Hello all!
We know how valuable time is. A precious resource. To help you organise we came up with a contest schedule for the whole year.

Not to make this post tooooooooo long the description is short and should give you a basic understanding of what the contest is about.
There have also been changes to the voting system and next contest will be judged by admins. The judging will be based on creativity, attention to the theme and originality.

Holiday contests are two weeks long, while themed contests are held through out the month. If you have any questions feel free to contact :iconiamenimlusus:

17th - St.Patricks Day
-Any art is accepted(written, digital art, traditional art, crafting)
-You must depict Smexy engaged in the holiday. Attributes of the holiday and etc.
-All levels of maturity are allowed. Dont forget to add the Mature Content setting.
Run time: 4th - 18th March

Aprill :iconeasterloveplz:
20th - Easter (Sunday)
-Any art is accepted
-You must show Smexy upholding the holiday’s spirit! Bunny ears are a must! Put them on his butt if you want!
-All levels of maturity are allowed. Dont forget to add the Mature Content setting.
Run time: 7th - 21st Aprill

May  :iconsmexy-plz: & :iconpastamonsters:
Theme of the Month:  Smexy and The Creepypastas!
-Any art accepted.
-The work must involve Smexy and anyone from the Creepypasta Monsters. He can either invade and alter existing stories or you can come up with a new one where the lovable g00f trolls one or more CP’s!
-Please keep in mind that the story's focus must be on the CP and not a human. Entries where all monsters are after the human throughout the story will be ignored on the grounds that there are already plenty of those in one version or the other. Exceptional works will be immune to such rule. But please be original.
-Mature works are welcome as long as they have the Mature Content setting.
Run time: 1st – 31st of May

June :iconrunsiesplz:
13th - Friday the 13th
-Any art is accepted
-The entry must show Smexy’s Friday 13th, can be the classic or your own interpretation of the event. Either he is the target or he makes someone elses day memorable.
-You may cross it with the Jason Vorhees universe. Because, why not.
-The works must in one way or the other specify that it’s Friday and the date is 13th. Whether it is a horror story or hilarious misadventures is up to you. Have fun!
-All levels of maturity, just have the Mature Content setting on.
Run time: 1st – 14th of June

July :icongameaddictplz:
Theme of the Month:  Smexy invades Games!
-Any art is accepted
-Works where Smexy is somehow (freak accident/ dreaming) transported into a game of your choosing and the resulting twist of the plot! Oh the chaos, oh the lulz!
-Mature Content is welcome.
Run time: 1st – 31st of July

August :iconwormhappy26plz:
Theme of the Month:  Smexy’s list of pick up lines!
-Any art accepted
-Smexy uses pick up lines to achieve his goals or to teach a fellow cassanova how to pick up chicks. Or something something something something pick up lines!
-Don't forget Mature Content setting!
Run time:  1st – 31st of August

September :iconsexualoffendermanplz:
Theme of the month: Parodies and Meme's
-Any art
-It must be Smexy in a parody or a meme or a parody of a meme. Mostly meme, not enough of those! Parodies are not limited, take a film, story, shows, cartoons, comics or anything and go nuts!
-The works should be comical, funny, goofy and so silly it's hilarious.
-Any level of maturity, have the setting on.
Run time: 1st - 30th of September.

October :iconhalloweenplz:
31st – Halloween
-Any art
-Show how much Smexy enjoys the holiday.
-Anything from gore to sunshine and candyballs.
-Any level of mature content. Setting is a must.
Run time:  18th Oct. - 1st November

November :iconturkeystareplz:
27th - Thanksgiving Day
-Any art
-Works featuring Smexy participating in the holiday. What do you think he is grateful for? If he is…or is he here for the turkey?
-Mature Content if you want, please have the setting on too.
Run time:  13th- 28th November

December :iconitsfreezingplz:
25th – Christmas (or what ever you're celebrating)
-Any art
-Works featuring Smexy having fun during Winter Holidays. Stuff in boxes, mistletoe and glitter! Stories of him being visited by the Ghosts of Christmas? Sure, why not!
-Any level of mature content, have the setting up.
Run time:  11th-26th of December

January 2015 :icondoggyplz:
15th -  Inglebert Humperdink Appreciation Day
-Any art is welcome
-Show love to Smexys pet dog, Inglebert Humperdink!
-Oh smeg, please, no overly mature content!:noes:
Run time: 2nd – 16th of January

February2015 :icononicheer:
19th - Chinese New Year
-Any art
-Works where Smexy celebrates the holiday. A Chinese version of Smexy, maybe? Make him ride a dragon, wear traditional clothing or make him into the Celestial Animal of the year ( the Goat). Whatever makes you smile!
-All levels of mature content, please have the setting.
Run time: 6st - 20th February
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