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Don't take the rose...


The Rules

:bulletblack: This is a group solely for Sexual Offenderman (Smexy), please ensure he is at least featured somewhere in the art or ficwork. If you do not know this character, please follow the link given for the creator's bio of him.

:bulletpink: Please ensure your works are in the proper folder! Though there is a stretch in which the admins can push deviations around if there seems to be a misunderstanding, multiple offenses of deviations in wrong folders shall be heavily scorned. By Smexy himself.

:bulletblack: Considering the nature of Smexy, mature pieces are happily welcomed. Just make sure to use the Mature Content tag when appropriate.

:bulletpink: Have fun! This group was created to enjoy the wonderful (and most horny) character we've come to know as Smexy, so don't be afraid to let loose a bit.

:bulletblack: If you have a problem with another member, please contact an admin.

Rose Guard


Chief Proxy


Gallery Folders


Newest Members

Smexy Invades Games Contest

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 30, 2014, 11:03 PM
July is here which means the start of a new contest!  This month’s contest theme is Smexy invades games!

Basically, have our Sexual Offenderman invade or cross into a game--or games-- of your choice in whatever manner you can think of.  There’s definitely a lot of potential in this contest! :la:

:tmnt1: Contest Rules
:bulletgreen: Any form of art is acceptable, as always.  If we can read it or stare at it, it’s probably acceptable
:bulletred: The art piece must center on Sexual Offenderman and him invading/crossing into a game or games
:bulletgreen: There is no limit to how many entries you can submit; submit as many as you would like
:bulletred: Any level of maturity is allowed.  Just tag it with the Mature Content setting

:tmnt2: Prizes
:bulletblue: 1st place: Your choice of a fabulous, Smexy-related physical prize (see below for examples)
:bulletgreen: 2nd place: Digital drawing (by one of our admins)
:bulletorange: 3rd place: 100 :points:

First prize examples:
Baby Blue/Glittery Blue Rose with Golden leaves by Iamenimlusus Prize Examples by Iamenimlusus Black with red tips Rose by Iamenimlusus

:tmnt3: Tips and Ideas
:bulletorange: To give you ideas, some game types include console, PC, online, flash, mmorpg, etc.  The term “game” can be loosely applied to just about any kind of interactive game on a screen so don’t fret too much on the details.  Even board games work
:bulletgreen: You could also try exploiting game genres instead of actual games.  For example, Smexy could be in an unspecified action game, puzzle game, room escape game, text adventure (great for a literature piece!), tower defense game, shooter, etc.
:bulletorange: To submit an entry, simply submit it to the group gallery under the "Contest Entries" folder and you're done!  No need to ask or anything; just submit that bad boy to that folder and we'll know it's a contest entry

:pokeball: Contest ends on July 31st :pokeball:

Keep in mind that next month there will be no contest and September’s contest will be the last contest of the year.  Take advantage of the opportunity to win stuff while it lasts!

Good luck! :iconmega-la-plz:

Skin by *StranaStraga
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Folders and Chatrooms

The Folders

:kiss: Featured: The face of the group, showcasing Sexual Offenderman's chart and glory. Submission is disallowed.

:blackrose: Contest Entries: Entries for any current contest.

:rose: Singles: Art featuring ONLY Smexy or predominantly featuring him.

:blackrose: Pairings-Slash: Art featuring Smexy with any male character in a romantic OR non-romantic pairing.

:rose: Pairings-Het: Art featuring Smexy with any female character in a romantic OR nonromantic pairing.

:blackrose: Group: Art featuring Smexy with more than one other character.

:rose: Literature: Deviations of a written nature, such as fanfics or poems.

:blackrose: Artisan Crafts: Deviations that feature some form of artisan craft, such as sculpting, knitting, etc.

:rose: Comics: Comics with Smexy.

:blackrose: Cosplay: Deviations with you/someone cosplaying your favorite sex-addict slender.

:rose: Memes and Extras: Deviations of memes, animations, gifs, stamps and anything that would not fit in the normal categories.

:blackrose: Scraps and Screenshots: Screenshots or anything that you would put in your 'scraps'.

:rose: Previous Contest Winners: For art that has placed in or won in a group contest.

Chat Rooms

:bulletpurple: General Chat Room
This chat room is where you lovelies can squee and discuss about Sexual Offenderman. And learn more about each other as well!

:bulletblack: Roleplaying Chat Room
The roleplaying chat room. Be advised that there might be mature roleplays due to the nature of Sexual Offenderman.



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ThunderFlight207 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member Student Artist
Thanks for letting me join!
EsmereldaKagaome Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
still dont understand how i was "accidentally" removed from this group
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Thanks for adding my Creepypasta birthday game in this group La la la la Love Meow :3 
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Hi um... may I join your group?
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It won't let me contribute to the cosplay folder....
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urm..two of my deviations got filed into the wrong folders ;;
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StranaStraga Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Student Artist
Hello !

Because I am not sure somebody read my 2 messages I sent of the group, I'm going to try my chance on its profile before asking to Arc.

  In my two messages, I asked you if you can stop to send me requests. Nobody answered me and continue to do what I asked to stop.

  If it's not possible, just tell me with the reason, to see if I have to deal with it or not. 

I can understand some of admins are busy at work or are in holidays, but all the 9 contributors in the same period? :/

 I wish to have an answer.
Have a good day. La la la la  
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Deidara-Clone Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
*sees where her deviation was sent to* Ah, so Offenderman is also known as Smexy...that clears things up.  *nervous laugh* I'm so lost, I thought they were different Slendy clones.
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Trimblebird88 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Actually Smexy goes for everyone!
Jacksallyfan12 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
LJ: he did it to jeff tooo
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Smexy only goes after women, right?
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ShadowHeart014 Featured By Owner May 6, 2014
I was wondering: Can Offendy affect asexuals?
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