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Greetings and welcome to the group! This is the official group for Sexual Offenderman, also known as Smexy.

To join this nut house all you have to do is press the "Join our Group" button on the left side. Join requests are auto-approved so you can immediately dive into the madness... I mean fun! :dummy:

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:bulletwhite: Smexy Character Sheet
:bulletwhite: Smexy FAQ
:bulletwhite: Smexy and Brothers Info
:bulletwhite: Smexy 101

Ask Sexual Offenderman a question!

Rules and stuff

The Rules

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Pixel Rose by Kawiku This is a group solely for Sexual Offenderman (Smexy), so please ensure he is at least featured somewhere. If you do not know this character, please follow the link given for the creator's bio of him and check out the Smexy FAQ.
Pixel Rose by Kawiku Anyone at any artistic level is encouraged to submit their Smexy-related work. Don't be afraid to share the Smexy-ness!
Pixel Rose by Kawiku Give credit where credit is due. If you used a base, credit and link the origin. If you were strongly influenced by a piece, link that as well. Any work that is obviously copied without the original artist's permission will be removed.
Pixel Rose by Kawiku Please ensure your works are in the proper folder. There is a list of folders on the right with descriptions and within each gallery folder. If something might belong in more than one folder, pick the one you think is best.
Pixel Rose by Kawiku Considering the nature of Smexy, mature pieces are happily welcomed. Just make sure to use the Mature Content tag when appropriate.
Pixel Rose by Kawiku Have fun! This group was created to enjoy the wonderful character we've come to know as Smexy, so don't be afraid to let loose a bit.
Pixel Rose by Kawiku You are free to express your interpretation of Smexy in whatever way possible. Extreme aggression or harassment of another deviant or their character will not be tolerated--both passive and active aggression.
Pixel Rose by Kawiku If you have a problem with another member or just have general questions, please contact an admin. We're all here to help. :la:


Rose Guard


Chief Proxy


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Sexual Offenderman X OCs

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 22, 2015, 4:57 PM
Good day fellow Deviant Artists.

It has come to our, the admins, attention that there is some unrest within the group about pairing OCs with Sexual Offenderman. We the admins would like to make our intentions for Sexual Offenderman  perfectly clear so that nothing can be misconstrued and no one can be mislead.

We, the Rose Guard, completely and fully endorse creating and shipping original characters with Sexual Offenderman. He was made to be shipped with and fantasized about in whatever way any of you so choose.

We are not saying that you must accept and like every OC that comes into The-Smexy-Slender archives, we only ask that each of you respect each other’s works and ideas. You are within your rights to not like something and express it in a polite, constructive way. If there is someone you do not appreciate speaking to, there is a block/ignore option built into Deviant Art itself. We implore you to make use of it.

However, we here in The-Smexy-Slender group will not tolerate bullying, bashing, or witch hunting. That is not what this group is about, that is not what Sexual Offenderman is about, and such behavior will not be tolerated.  

We have seen back and forth in-fighting that has been occurring not only within the archives but in personal journals that are being passed around as well. We had thought that surely it would come to a peaceful resolution at some point, but it has now escalated much farther than anticipated and we can no longer sit by and try to quell the fighting with words alone.

We would like to ask that this stop immediately. This is non negotiable. If this does not stop, we will be forced to ban and blacklist any and all offending members. You will no longer be allowed to be a part of any of the group’s activities nor will any of your works be added to the archives. Furthermore, if the need calls for it, all works that have been accepted from those banned will also be deleted from the archives.

We politely oblige each of you to please be courteous and respect each other’s personal tastes and interests. If there are any problems that any of you may have with another member, The Rose Guard is here to answer and listen to your case, but you must bring evidence of offense and abuse in order for us to act. We cannot go on your word alone and we cannot allow harassment of fellow members.

Please remember, if someone is bothering you, report them and ignore/block them.  Aggression towards another deviant comes in many forms and it is easy for us, and anyone else, to pick up on that.  If you are not actively aggressive towards another deviant, you do not need to worry about any of this.  If you would like further clarification, please contact us.  Because knowledge is power.

If this is brought up again, we will be forced to act.


The Rose Guard

Skin by *StranaStraga (BG edited by RubyMewtwo with permission.)
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Folders and Chat Rooms


Bullet - rose (medium) by Hyasinthos Featured: Admin-picked pieces.
Bullet - rose (medium) by Hyasinthos Contest Entries: Entries for any current contest.
Bullet - rose (medium) by Hyasinthos Singles: Art featuring ONLY/predominantly Smexy.
Bullet - rose (medium) by Hyasinthos Group: Art featuring Smexy with more than one other character.
Bullet - rose (medium) by Hyasinthos Literature: Written deviations, such as fanfics or poems. Subfolders are: Sexual stories, horror stories, erotic horror stories.
Bullet - rose (medium) by Hyasinthos Artisan Crafts: Deviations that feature an artisan craft, such as sculpting, knitting, etc.
Bullet - rose (medium) by Hyasinthos Comics: Comics with Smexy.
Bullet - rose (medium) by Hyasinthos Cosplay: Deviations with you/someone cosplaying your favorite sex-addict slender.
Bullet - rose (medium) by Hyasinthos Miscellaneous: Deviations of memes, stamps and anything that would not fit in the normal categories.
Bullet - rose (medium) by Hyasinthos Scraps and Screenshots: Screenshots or anything that you would put in your 'scraps'.
Bullet - rose (medium) by Hyasinthos Previous Contest Winners: For art that has placed in or won in a group contest.
Bullet - rose (medium) by Hyasinthos Romantic-Sexual Pairings: Romantic pairings with any character, either involving romance or lust. See subfolder for slash pairings folder.
Bullet - rose (medium) by HyasinthosNon-Romantic Pairs: Non-romantic pairs with any character. In other words, no love/lust is involved and it's likely more safe for work.
Bullet - rose (medium) by HyasinthosSmexy 101: Admin-picked art that helps you learn more about Smexy! Browse here if you want to become more familiar with the Smex machine. Also check out the Smexy FAQ.
Bullet - rose (medium) by HyasinthosSlender Family Album: Art that features more than one of the more cannon slender brothers (Slenderman, Splendorman, Trenderman, etc).
Bullet - rose (medium) by HyasinthosDrawn Answers from Smexy's Asks: Drawn responses to any "Ask Smexy/Offender/etc" blog.
Bullet - rose (medium) by HyasinthosAnimalized: Art with Smexy turned into any kind of animal (other than the sexy beast he already is).
Bullet - rose (medium) by HyasinthosGenderbend: Art with Smexy genderbended into a female.
Chat Rooms

rose by M-seiran General Chat Room
This chat room is where you can squee and discuss Sexual Offenderman, and also learn more about each other!
rose by M-seiran Roleplaying Chat Room
The roleplaying chat room. Be advised that there might be mature roleplays due to the nature of Sexual Offenderman.



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CryesisVeith Featured By Owner Edited Sep 23, 2015
I'm glad you liked my Offenderman picture (or any or the other names you prefer to call him by). Still I am confused how people seem to come upon my work but I am happy it is getting positive reactions. Rather than negative which I get from my own family (which is why it is so fun to draw people like Offenderman or any of the other Creepypastas.) Thank you again for finding my art enjoyable. 😊 Bye now.

P.S. How do I join I have been looking for a while now and I was just wondering? ( now watch as it is in a obvious place which I completely skipped over)
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Well thanks for wanting part of my story, writing all the members of Slendy's family and making them all distinct personalities was a challenge for sure
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Thank u for that you keep posting my draws :) it's a honor! But can i ask when my drawing(price of the competition for 3th place)will be ready? I am really curious!
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